Using Old Content for New SEO

Attracting an audience has been the hardest part of marketing.  And also the whole entire point, right?  Tons of money is being spent on new ideas and new ways to say things and new perspectives and new personnel to hopefully achieve what the old personnel are getting burned out on.


When it comes to the internet, plain old “search” was what brought in the most traffic to sites.  People wanted to find something, so they sat down and searched it.  Those numbers are decreasing continuously.  On the other hand, what are some new internet sensations that have been popping up lately?  Does “social media” ring a bell?  It should.  Because it’s been bringing in the most site traffic.

The simple fact is that trying to constantly come up with new material is a waste of time and resources.  Okay, maybe I came across a little too strong.  New material should be developed on a regular basis, but I don’t think it needs to be taking the front seat like it has been.  There are ways to rework old content, which is going to give a bigger return that has already been done by achieving consistency.

Give your website an overhaul.  Is all of the content relevant?  SEO is successful with good marketing, not with a bunch of useless filler.  If anything, all of that useless filler is going to cause a drop in points.  Fortunately, this area of expertise is going to be easily achievable when it comes to businesses that offer the same service, the same way, all the time: chiropractors, dentists, family practitioners, ENT, sleep study… The basic premise of the content will be largely unchanging, which will make coming up with new content a challenging job indeed.  But that’s okay!  Enough is constantly changing in the medical world, but there is still a huge opportunity to return that investment on content that has already been developed.

Make sure you update and upgrade where necessary.  Using old content doesn’t mean appearing outdated and operating poorly.  Rework what you need to and spruce up what you have.  Use your social media platforms to redirect viewers to sections of older content on your site.  If you have a lot of long material (like essays, or blog posts) make sure that you dress it up to make it engaging.  If you have included videos on your site make sure you chose ones that are already performing well, or that have elements of other videos that are performing well.  Even better about social media, you can set it up that they automatically recirculate older content on a schedule.  Using programs the help with topic tagging is a great way to make sure that people are seeing all of what you have to offer on the same subject.

Google might start penalizing for duplicate content, but this doesn’t mean that you should stay away from your old content completely.  If you are taking this to mean that you should copy and paste material, that’s not what I’m suggesting at all.  Absolutely there will be penalties for that.   However, using the same exact content in multiple different arenas is completely acceptable.  And advisable!

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