How to Maintain High Levels of Performance During a Long-Running SEO Program

Long-running SEO and content marketing campaigns can seem daunting to say the least, and figuring out ways to encourage your team to maintain their high work level may be seemingly impossible. However, at Indianapolis SEO, we’ve worked with countless companies to help them prevent any drop in performance from their digital marketing teams throughout the course of their content marketing program.


We want to help you do the same by providing you with a glimpse into the information and guidance we provide to those involved in these ambitious campaigns.

  1. Administer Monthly Content Marketing Suggestions

By providing your team with monthly content marketing recommendations, you’re helping them come up with fresh, new content ideas each month. Communication here is key as you and your team members should be discussing unique and creative content marketing strategies in order to get the best possible solutions

  1. Conduct Frequent Training Sessions

These can be especially helpful in keeping your team up to date with the latest advances in SEO as well as making sure everyone is performing at the highest possible level. At Indianapolis SEO, we try to hold training sessions every 1-2 weeks in order to ensure our staff stays sharp.


  1. Provide Your Team with Weekly Status Updates

Make sure everyone involved with the campaign is on the same page by providing them with weekly status updates via email. The information you provide in these updates is completely up to you, just make sure it is relevant to the tasks you are currently working on or people may stop reading them.

  1. Reward Employees

In order to ensure consistent success during a long-running SEO program, it is important to reward hard work and diligence. By acknowledging those who are performing at a high level, you will encourage them to continue in their hard work and will motivate others to improve their efficiency.


By utilizing some of the tools listed above, you should be able to successfully maintain a high level of performance throughout the course of your long-running SEO program. Long-running SEO and content marketing campaigns may seem overwhelming, but with the right team and solid tactics set in place you will be able to achieve the results you want.